Welcome to Probably Rabbits

What is Probably Rabbits?

Probably Rabbits is a loosely organized group of scientists, poets, artists, and creative thinkers, who have come together with the admittedly  problematic  task, of figuring out just where all this creativity is coming from. They are convinced that the collective thinking of mankind is co-creating the universe, but a more intriguing question is “What is the co-creator really like?” To answer this question, an enormous probability curve that contains 93% of all the creative events known to modern man was constructed. This curve when cross referenced with all of the known objects in the universe (+or – 5%) strongly points to the possibility of rabbit involvement. Currently, it is thought that the co-creator is probably rabbits, one giant rabbit, or maybe a whole bunch of little rabbits.  A great deal more research is needed.

Probably Rabbits would like to present their very prestigious, international, multilingual membership list, but the rabbits ate it…,at least we think it was the rabbits. Sorry.

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